Aegis Technical Services

Aegis Technical Services was created in January of 2009, and is still going strong today. Each year the company grows, and future goals are to increase to a point that there will be room to hire additional employees.

The creation of Aegis Technical Services was a direct result of Circuit City going out of business. It was created not only to continue assisting customers that were abruptly left in the cold, but to give quality service that balances being profitable, and doing the right thing when it comes to customer service. Too many times, in other companies, management interferes with the technician doing what needs to be done to resolve an issue. Too many times, company policy gets in the way of keeping a customer happy.

An additional reason for the creation of Aegis Technical Services was the realization that, in this day and age, your employment could end at any point in time, regardless of your performance or longevity. Technical repair is a position that will always be around, no matter how technology changes. True job security is to be your own boss.

Matt Funk, Owner of Aegis Technical Services

Matthew Funk

"I am anything and everything with Aegis Technical Services. It's my business. My background in computers started in the early 90's, and I've worked in a technical support capacity ever since. The primary aspects of the business were learned while working for Best Buy's Geek Squad as an in-store technician and then later with Circuit City's Firedog as an in-home technician.

What sets me apart from other technicians is the personal pride I take in providing solutions, and being compassionate and understanding when it comes to various difficult situations. Too many companies see the customer as a dollar sign. I see the customer as someone who needs help, and I have the skills to take care of them."

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